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Wanna do a video of your vacation? Jul 21

First I’ll tell you my video adventure. I halfway suspect I’m typical. Back in the old days you bought a super-8 camera and a projector. You bought some film and shot the kid’s birthday party, or Christmas, or the family reunion. Then you took it to the developer, then ran it on the projector. Ah yes, home movies, and they were pretty much unedited, jerky, and full of people covering their faces.

Things have changed in some respects with the coming of digital videocams. For one thing, you can see what you shot, delete it, and reshoot at will. Before we left on our cruise (set up by our Serenity agent, excuse the shameless plug) we bought a camera that had the capabilities of a professional movie camera of the 1950′s except you could hold it in your hand (it didn’t weigh several hundred pounds) and you didn’t have to be a pro to operate it. Maybe you should be, but you can operate these things with very little expertise. Our videocam fit in my wife’s hand, smaller than a soda can. It even came with editing software. Our rationale was to learn how to make decent movies on the cruise in preparation for our real purpose. ‘Ysee, my wife is an accomplished china painter, and we have this desire to set up a web page on how to paint china. There happen to be some very good china painters in California, and they are getting old. We plan to use our Serenity incentive airplane tickets this fall to fly out there and shoot some painting lessons to put on our website.

So. Along comes the cruise. We had a great time, and I posted a lot about it way back earlier on this blog. I invite you to go read about it. The first post is here. Well, we used the camera as much to take still photos as to take videos. When we got home, we could watch some snippets, but we couldn’t get the editing software to work. We haven’t deleted anything, because who knows? maybe we’ll figure it out someday. Occasionally we look at the still photos.

My point is that if you plan to shoot video, you can’t do snaphots. You have to plan the video. I can’t pretend to give you good advice myself, but I found an excellent article with some good advice. Go read it before you take that videocam on your vacation.

Have you shot video on a vacation? How did it go?

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