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How about a month-long vacation? Jul 23

Back last November this blog features a short series on Chicago. One of the best things to see in Chicago is the Museum of Science and Industry (called the MSI by its fans). I visited the place when I was a kid—my dad brought my brother and me along on a business trip—and it was impressive then. It has a real coal mine, a real submarine (German, captured in WWII), and piles of interactive exhibits and displays. Here’s the transportation gallery:

A very small part of the MSI

I remember it had a display showing samples of all 92 natural elements. If I remember correctly, the diamond wasn’t real, but they said this is what a diamond looks like.

If you visit Chicago and don’t visit the MSI, you’re shortchanging yourself. Budget at least half a day, too.

Now this is not the type of place to sit on its laurels. They repeatedly update their exhibits, and you should see their web site! And that leads me to the title of this post. One lucky person will get to spend a month at the MSI this fall. They’ll even pay for your plane ticket, provide room and board, and pay you ten grand. If you like learning about science, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. You have to apply, and only one person gets the prize, but what an adventure!

The application is on the long side, but at least you get to tell about yourself for the whole thing. Here are the details:

Give it a try. Maybe we’ll both be finalists.

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