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Kids in Kars Jul 25

Most trips are taken by car. Most car trips include kids. Kids plus car trips equals stress. I believe the traditional mantra for this is “Are we there yet?”

In this day of electronic devices, we now have things that go beyond the tablet for playing tic-tac-toe, and looking for all the letters of the alphabet on highway signs.

Here’s a link to a nice little essay about games that you (I mean your kids) can play on your mobile phone or tablet computer to while away the miles in relative peace. It’s here.

It doesn’t mention my favorite idea. Remember that video cam you bought for the trip? It’s simple enough for a kid to operate, and they can watch what they shoot right on the little view finder. Filming themselves and the scenery out the window turns out to be pretty captivating.

How do you contain the little creatures when you go on a trip?

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