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You really should have been on Easter Island July 11 Aug 03

I posted about the solar eclipse (literally it’s an eclipse of the earth), so here’s a really good picture of the event. I found this on the July 30 Astronomy Picture of the Day, published by NASA. If you like pictures of astronomical stuff, you should check out their APOD site.

Guillaume Blanchard got there and set up his camera (on a tripod) in a good location, then took a series of photos, each of which would have been underexposed–so the sun wouldn’t be overexposed. Since the camera didn’t move, the light added up until you could see the scenery, and the bright sun, which did move (well, we turned under it), made the series across the sky. You can see some of those famous Easter Island statues, called Moai, along the shoreline. Do you have a spectacular vacation photo? Send me a link in the comments and maybe I’ll publish it.

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  1. I like this photo, but I don’t consider it ‘spectacular’ and the destination was certainly not exotic. It goes to show you can get a pretty ‘off-the-wall’ photo from a mundane location ;-)

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