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Something for geeks who like travel Aug 07

We can’t all go to all these wonderful exotic locations I describe in this blog, but we can look at them. All day, too, if you slave over a hot keyboard at work. If that’s you, maybe you use the Chrome browser, developed by Google itself. (If you don’t, consider giving it a try. It’s clean and fast.)

So here’s the geek part: Chrome supports themes. Themes are visual “trimmings” that change the appearance around the edges of software like browsers and media players. Like putting a skin on your cell phone–doesn’t change how it works, it just looks different. Maybe I should say cooler. Under certain circumstances you can see a background picture in Chrome, and that’s where a travel-related theme is nice.

Here’s the theme for the island of Samosir, northwest of Indonesia.

It’s free (beats even Serenity’s prices), and here’s what you get:

Samosir theme in Chrome

Pretty neat, huh? Poke around and you might find some more exotic locations. If you find one you like, put a link to it in the comments.

P.S. On another slightly geeky note, be sure to check the post two days from now, Aug 11. It’s about a special (non-commercial) event on the 12th.

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