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Life’s embarassing moments Oct 09

I was a kid in college. A friend was returning from a visit to England, and she has a stopover in Chicago.  Swain that I was, I decided to surprise her with a personal welcome-back-to-the-US greeting. So without consulting anyone, I hitchhiked across Wisconsin to Chicago. This was back in the mid 1960′s, so it wasn’t as impossible or foolish as it would be today.

Anyway, I arrived at the Palmer House hotel, where my family had taken me on a trip when I was in sixth grade, so I had some affection for the place. I stopped in the men’s room, and the hand towel dispenser happened to be empty, revealing a sign asking the reader to notify a bellhop for a refill.

I stepped into the lobby and spotted a uniform off to one side, so I went up to the gentleman and announced that the towel dispenser was empty.

He looked at me like I was nuts and said, “So?”

I explained that the dispenser had a sign, etc. etc. Thinking to myself that I had heard about city folk being rude, but hadn’t believed it until now.

His lip curled involuntarily, and he said, “Who do you think I am? I’m an airline pilot!”

Oops. I turned around and walked out. Never did connect with my friend, either.

Have you ever committed a gaff on a trip? Click the comment link below and spill your guts.

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