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Not your typical place to relax Aug 13

…but certainly important to travel in its day. The Strait of Magellan. It’s been pretty much replaced by the Panama canal, which is a nice warm, relaxing vacation spot.

Last Tuesday (Aug 10) was the anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s departure on his trip around the world. 18 of his crew made it back, though he didn’t. (He got involved in some local politics in the Philippines and was felled by a poisoned arrow.) But he accomplished a few things on the trip, got a few firsts.  He was the first European to enter the Pacific Ocean from the east, going south around South America through the narrow, stormy passage that now bears his name. The weather cleared up after he got through, so he named the newfound body of water the Peaceful (Pacifico) Ocean.

So what about this strait? The farthest south you can go by land is to Cape Horn, and if you’re really really adventurous, you can take a motorcycle trip there. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use your Serenity agent, but Ayers Adventures is best known in motorcycling circles for tours to the southernmost point in South America.

Yup, South America has penguins

You can take a “cruise” there if you’d rather go by sea, but perhaps a better term is “expedition.” If you want marimba bands, Margaritas, and lolling in the sunshine, this isn’t what you want. It’s also not close, like the Caribbean is. One voyage lasts at four weeks. Longer, if they don’t get back in time. Here’s their blurb: “…We are interested in finding passengers who have the goals of sailing, wildlife projects, ecological projects, filming and geological projects…” they also have this to say: “…are dependent upon the irregularities of the weather and ice conditions each season. About 50% of the time is spent waiting at anchor for the weather.” another phrase they use is “deserted and inaccessible.”

Not exactly for bikinis

If you’re that kind of vacationer, you will be rewarded with memories to tell the grandchildren and sights that are spectacular. Humpback whales, storms, glaciers, wind and rain, penguins, weather, rugged coastline, icebergs, waves—you get the idea. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

You won't get this view from the ship

Unlike Ferdinand, you’ll probably come back alive.

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