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Tahiti Aug 17

Compared to some of the places I’ve described lately, Tahiti is a “traditional” place to vacation. It comes to mind because Tahiti was one of Ferdinand Magellan’s stops on his around-the-world voyage (two posts back), a description of a several-years-ago vacation by an orthopedic surgeon whose posts I read regularly, and a book I’m reading by a dentist who, back in the 1930′s, traveled the world to study the influence of diet on the condition of primitive peoples’ teeth. One place he visited was Tahiti, and I’m reading that section right now. All these have given me Tahiti on the brain.

Tahiti is out in the middle of the south pacific, part of a chain of islands called the Society Islands, in French Polynesia. Tahiti is the largest island of its group, and consists of two volcanic mountains. It’s shaped like an hourglass. I didn’t happen to find a good picture of the two volcanoes together, but this shot is interesting, don’t you think?

This boat is floating on water, not suspended in the air. Click to enlarge.

So a lot of people who wrote about this island luridly (or lovingly) described the superb physical beauty and friendliness of the “natives,” and the island has capitalized on its reputation, though I can’t say you’ll see a lot of naked girls running around. I can say that they’re friendly, and at least the people who still stick to the traditional diet are beautiful and have good teeth. Go read that book by the dentist.

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