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How about China? Aug 27

China likes American Dollars, so the place is getting easier to visit. When you get there, you have lots of choices to choose from. Here’s one I recommend.

In the center of China, back in the 300′s AD, the back wall of a cave high in a mountain collapsed, leaving an arch. They call it the gate of heaven (Don’t google ‘gate of heaven’—you’ll get a lot of church buildings. Google “tianmenshah’ instead.). It’s hard to find a good picture of it—if you step back to get the surrounding mountain, it looks small. If you get close to see how big it is, you can’t see the mountain. It has a road leading up to it. You can take a bus, or ride a cable car. But everybody has to walk the steps at the very top. The view, I’m told, is worth it. Here’s a shot from a distance:

It's that little white spot near the top.

Not very good, but that’s okay. Because here’s a link to a powerpoint presentation with some pretty impressive pictures. It’s definitely worth the look. At the end of the presentation is another link to a youtube video of airplanes flying through it.

My thanks to a friend in my motorcycle club for sending me this link. I think he wants to ride his bike up the road.

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