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A place you probably don’t want to visit Aug 30

And Sumatra is such a beautiful country, too. Land of green countryside, lovely beaches, exotic people, extinct volcanoes—oops. Maybe not so extinct. To everyone’s surprise, Mt. Sinabung erupted yesterday. Two minutes past midnight. One person dies of a heart attack, another suffocated in the smoke. Everybody else evacuated the slopes, which had been pretty friendly since the year Tycho Brahe & Johannes Kepler met for the first time (that was 1600, in case you didn’t know). 410 years is a long time for a volcano not to erupt, then change its mind.

Doesn't look too violent, but you don't want to be in that smoke

Thousands have evacuated, and agencies are bring in rice and face masks. Unless you’re a relief worker, you should probably not get in the way.

I’ll pick a nice volcano for the next post.

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