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Here’s an adventure business for you Sep 08

Yup, your own submarine. Take on passengers (for a fee) and take them on underwater tours. I posted about a small sub being tested off the coast of France a while back, but these guys have been in operation for a while, and their subs are dry inside. They have boats that can take as many as six passengers.

This is in the Caribbean, off Aruba

They’re made by a Dutch company, and they’re marketing to the super-rich, scientists, and people who want to start an interesting business.

Dutch company U-Boat Worx builds two- and three-person submarines for private and tourist use and has been doing nice business catering to the superyacht owners of the world for the last five years. Recognizing that its aspirations are greater than the number of independently wealthy superyachters, the company has set up a submarine center on the Caribbean island of Aruba aiming to “break open the luxury tourist submarine market.” “By catering to tourism ourselves, we are showing third parties, such as luxury resorts, hotels, and cruise companies, what the opportunities are” says U-Boat Worx founder Bert Houtman.

Looks like fun.

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