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Time for another really exotic vacation Sep 16

First, a comic.

I've heard of Katmandu, but never heard of the song...

So where is Katmandu, what do you do there, and why is it famous?

Well, it’s the capital of Nepal. Nepal is northeast of India, in the middle of the Himalayan mountains. Even being the capital, it’s in the middle of noplace, as we say up in Minnesota. The city has been around for a long time, more than two millenia.  Back then, almost everyplace was in the middle of nowhere, so it was about as good a place as any to build a city. Actually, if you wanted to travel between India and China overland, it was on the main route.

Doesn't look like a highway to me...

Being so old, you’ll find lots of old architecture and ancient culture. Being in the Himalayas, you can find scenery (mountains and valleys), adventures, and wildlife. Tourism is an important industry there, and you can find multi-day tours to suit every taste. this brief post does not do the place justice. If you go there, you will find plenty to do.

Traffic doesn't look too bad...

If you want to go anywhere in Nepal, you pretty much have to start in Katmandu. But you could end up anywhere.

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