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Since we’re thinking about places in songs… Sep 18

What about San José? I remember something about a famous, blah song when I was a kid called Do You Know the Way to San José? (Sorry—I go more for the classical end of the musical spectrum.)

There are a lot of cities named San José, and I never listened to the song closely enough to tell which one it referred to, so let’s look at the one in Costa Rica. (The one in California is all big and modern and full of traffic. Bleah.)

Our San José is a beautiful city in a wonderful, stable climate, like Katmandu, in a valley in the middle of the country. It’s one of the youngest Latin American capitols, less than 300 years old. New by Katmandu standards, eh? Like any exotic location, though, you won’t run out of things to do. The food is great, the climate is mild, tourism is polished, history and museums are abundant, and the people are glad to have you visit.

I haven't shown a shopping picture for quite a while.

Like Katmandu, San José is pretty much where every trip to the area begins and ends, or the town itself can be your destination.

So which San José is your favorite?

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