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I been travelin’ Oct 03

Actually, I’ve been busy, but that’s a topic for another blog (google Mushrooms to Motorcycles).

But here’s a travel issue near and dear to my heart–baggage fees. I hate ‘em. The airlines have charging for your baggage, as you probably know. I understand they need to cover their increased fuel costs, but I don’t happen to much like this approach.

I happen to be a fan of a small company that makes vests with lots of pockets, called Scottevest. (The president’s name is Scott.) They make a pretty good product—I should say line of products. Lately they started an advertising campaign plugging a jacket that has inside pockets for everything. The hook was that it was a way to get around those baggage fees. The airlines are trying to shut him out! Scott, and a lot of others, say this is a David and Goliath fight. Myself, I hope Scott wins. Here’s a picture of the ad they ran in the New York Times.

The ad the airline (Delta) wouldn't run has the caption "The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System"

Pretty clever, eh? Go check out their website.

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