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A new series Oct 07

A while back I wrote about the cities that hosted the Winter Olympics. More recently I wrote a preponderance of posts about either unconventional places or about places that you might have reason to avoid. Now I feel like posting about places that are cheap.

I’ll still throw in the occasional out-of-series post, and you should remember that (ahem) you can always get a really good deal from your Serenity agent. But these posts will mostly be about places that are cheap all by themselves, at least for someone from the US.

Now, I’m not really giving you advice about how or where to travel. I’ll merely tell you about places where you are likely to be able to really stretch your travel dollar if you go there.

Another caveat: The values of currencies and stability of governments change constantly, sometimes dramatically in a short time. Rule of thumb: places that are good bargains generally stay that way, even though the details might change. New York city will pretty much always be more expensive than Upper coffepot, Montana. (Yes, there is such a place.) You won’t see a Broadway play in Upper Coffeepot, but you won’t be able to go camping or see much wildlife (or peace and quiet) in NYC, either. Don’t expect my info to be as accurate as a surgeon’s scalpel. It should be good enough to chop wood with, though.

So hold onto your seat, and get ready for some adventures!

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