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The cheapest place to vacation. I think Oct 31

Unfortunately, the best deals are for Aussies. They’re closer. But once you get there, Asia seems to have the most bang for your buck, and you can get some unbelievable deals even for luxury accommodations in some areas.

A word of warning: The communist countries are superficially friendly, but their universal philosophy is “soak the Rich American Tourist.” You have been warned.

Our general rule that the farther from the Big City, the lower the prices, but even the famous tourist spots are usually pretty reasonable. Just be aware that you’re doing tourist locations, not the real, authentic native culture. Of course, if you’re spending the bucks to fly clear to Indonesia or Thailand, you probably can feel justified to stick with the safe, public, touristy areas. They’ll be plenty exotic even if they are “tuned” for the tourist trade.

Here’s what I mean by luxury bargain: A top-of-the-line hotel in Bankok can be under $200 a night. This is for the kind of room (and hotel accouterments) that would cost you several times as much in, say Europe. Go to the bookstore and page through a fancy travel magazine for pictures of these places. By the way, I found a place in Thailand that charges $5000 per night, so you can definitely go expensive if you want. (It was for groups—3 fancy rooms, 6 less fancy rooms, and breakfast)

Get out of town, though, and visit the villages. You can find a clean room to rent for ten bucks.

These folks will even let you help feed the pigs if you want

Another tip: You’ll find lots of folks with some English, but it’s a good idea to bring a phrasebook.

Speaking of feeding livestock, one of our hens hatched out seven chicks last Sunday. You can stop by and feed them if you like. Visit my personal blog, Mushrooms to Motorcycles, for a picture and the story.

More on Asia next time.

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