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More about Thailand Nov 02

The key word you want know regarding accommodations is “guesthouse.” These places have private rooms and typically a common area where guests can congregate. They start at $5 I am told, but I figure most Americans will want the $12 room, and for maybe twice that you can get a beach room that would set you back hundreds in the Caribbean.

Thai food is easy to like. I’m especially fond of the coffee, a multi-layered concoction with lots of cream. You can eat most cheaply on the street, from a vendor, but the restaurants are maybe a fourth what you would pay in the US. The food is safe and tasty, but don’t drink the water. Buy bottled water. Unless, of course, you want to catch Montezuma’s revenge. The bathrooms are nice, but you don’t want to spend all your time there.

Some of the more exotic victuals

I mentioned a few posts back that natural wonders tend to be less expensive than museums and amusement parks. Here’s a natural place to see. It’s on the route of an eco-tour.

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