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Is camping a vacation? Oct 13

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? A time of ease, a respite from the work and stress of daily life, right? A chance to forget about surviving, and reap some of the rewards of your daily striving to make a living, right?


The key to vacationing is that vacations are breaks in your routine. A vacation doesn’t have to be a time of ease, indulgence, laziness, and excess. A good vacation can be challenging, difficult, cause the feelings of risk and tiredness, and make you sigh with relief when you are finally able to hit the sack—as long as the activities and schedule are different from your normal daily routine.

Vacations like camping adventures are most successful under certain circumstances:

  • You’re in good enough condition that the physical challenges aren’t a problem; you have, or have access to, the skills that make “roughing it” enjoyable.
  • You like the bragging rights. (“You rode your motorcycle to the Arctic Circle? Man, you are nuts!”)
  • You want to find (or reassure yourself of) your limits—to answer the question, “How tough am I?”
  • You find it gratifying to lead young people on an adventure that helps them grow and learn about themselves. I remain thankful to this day for the leaders who took me wilderness camping when I was  a youngster, and I feel gratified to this day for taking my son and his friends wilderness camping.
  • You enjoy the closeness to nature more than you dislike the inconveniences of living in the wild. Time in the woods or on the lake, even if you don’t much enjoy the lack of luxury, can be a horizon-broadening, enriching experience.
Either they found a rocky island, or they're sleeping in the water...

Either they found a rocky island, or they're sleeping in the water...

How about you? Like to camp? Tell us about your adventures—click the comment link and guide us.

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