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Next stop: Indonesia Nov 05

Maybe I should say “stops” because Indonesia is a lot of places. It’s southeast of Thailand, and it’s about a million islands, part of an archipelago that includes Borneo, the Philippines, Sumatra, and Papua New Guinea. I suppose you could include Australia and New Zealand, too. It depends on what scale your map is. Here’s one:

Australia is off the lower right corner, Thailand and Vietnam off the upper left

The cheapest island in this already inexpensive country is said to be Sumatra. I don’t recommend Java right now unless you’re volunteering for volcano emergency relief. Mt Merapi is spectacular, but it’s causing serious problems for the folks who live near it. All the guidebooks emphasize the variety of scenery and culture available in this area. Indonesia has a lot of people, and they’ve been there a long time, so living on separate islands makes them all different. Not that anyplace is the beaten track (we’re talking Borneo, Komodo, and Bali here), do a search on places like Lombok and Bonggakaradeng to get really off the beaten track. Oh yes—if you like to snorkel, check out Sulawesi.

Houses in Bonggakaradeng

One little caveat about the low prices. Be prepared to bargain.

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