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Humor Interlude Jan 13

My family's cruise was better than this...

My thanks to Tony Carrillo, writer of F Minus, which I recommend.

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Category: Humor
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    Robin Monaghan 

    We attended the presentation at Serenity Travel, they had convinced us that we could trade in our time share, which would save us $895.00 in maintenance fees a year and switch to their program at only $295.00 annually. They collected $1000 from us and are currently collecting $47.00 a month for our so call discounted vacation program $3995.00. We just received our deed to our time share back, stating we should continue to use it, which means we will need to continue to pay the annual maintenance fee. This was such a scam to take our $3995.00, we are demanding a full refund of the cash that we have put out of our pocket todate. We will be seeking legal counsil and reporting this scam to the BBB and any other entity that we should be made aware of the actions of Serenity Travel and DVI. An immediate response is requested.

  2. 2

    Is there a person I can talk or email that has been a member for at least 5 years to see if it works as well as it should? I travel alot on vacations all over the world, and have not heard of the company …. and talking about price is always a topic of vacationers.

  3. 3

    Somehow I missed your comment until now. Sorry for not replying sooner. Alas, Serenity has skipped town. DVI is still there, apparently, but I have to suggest you find another travel club.

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