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Three travel tips from a pro Oct 19

“Pro” in the sense of travel agent. Yup, my friend is a bona fide travel agent. She says the biggest mistake people make when they take a vacation is they pack too much. Here’s how to pack:

  • Lay out everything you plan to pack on the bed. Put half of it back; pack the rest.
  • If you’re a guy, and you’re going on a cruise, pack your old undies. Throw them out as the cruise progresses. You eliminate laundry and having to pack dirty underwear when you return home. (Sounds gross, but speaking as a guy, it makes sense.)
  • Don’t fold your clothing when you pack. Roll all your clothes into cylinders. The clothes don’t wrinkle, and for some reason, the items seem to take up less space. Easier to find stuff, too.
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