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Humor Interlude Jan 13

My family's cruise was better than this...

My thanks to Tony Carrillo, writer of F Minus, which I recommend.

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Another travel comic Aug 19

F Minus

The comic is called F Minus, and it has some pretty off-the-wall stuff. I wonder how that would actually taste. And while I’m at it, here’s another one:
Unstrange Phenomena

Okay, enough bad humor for now. Got any good ones to share? Post a link in the comments.

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Thought-provoking funny Aug 15

Here’s a comic from a site I read fairly regularly (okay, every day). The site is called Scenes from a Multiverse, and since I’m posting this comic without permission, I want to plug the site. It’s almost always funny, and sometimes thought-provoking, especially if you can get used to the fact that the protagonists are weird beings from another universe posing, basically, as humans. Go there and poke around. It’ll be quite a, um, trip.

Click to enlarge

And my point? Don’t go on a vacation where you do nothing! Go somewhere interesting. Learn something. See something you’ve never seen. Have an adventure.

But don’t stand on a bridge with a forced smile.

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What and where to eat in Paris Jul 18

This could be a really short post: Eat anything anywhere you want. You cannot starve in Paris.

Paris is famous for food at every level of production, from the absolutely finest (and expensive) cuisine in a grand dining room with more tuxedo-clad wait-staff than diners, to the tiny, casual sidewalk cafés. Ah, the wine! Ah, the pastries! Ah, the sauces! Ah, the surly French waiters! A word about the sauces. The French, not being rich, ate all cuts of meat, even the poor ones. They learned to improve them with sauces, and that was the origin of French cooking. Or so I’m told.

Traditional pastries aren't as garish as what you will find in the US. Click to enlarge

Speaking of Bistros, on the last day of his life the famous French Philosopher, Renée Descartes was seated at a sidewalk café when the waiter asked if he would like some more wine. He said “I think not,” and he disappeared.

(If you don’t get it, write me and I’ll explain it.) Paris has so many good places to eat, I hesitate to mention any lest I slight another of equal esteem. I did hunt around all over, without success, for a bistro named Ratatouille.

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Cruise joke Jul 02

A pun, actually, and a cartoon. And a comic. And part of the funnies. Shoe was one of my dad’s favorites, and a lot of these were taped to the side of his refrigerator. I started following it out of loyalty to him, and I’ve gotten attached to it. The characters are birds, and the setting is an assortment of treetops. Here’s a link: The Tree Tops Tattler. Take a look—it’s funny and salient.In all fairness to the cruise lines, I’ve never seen nor heard of a ship crew member being anything less than 100% polite, friendly, and well-behaved. Still, it’s a good pun.

Have you ever had an “interesting” experience on a cruise? Share.

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