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Archive for March, 2011

New guy in town Mar 20

I recently began an extended stay in Annapolis, the capitol of Maryland. Annapolis is perhaps best known as the location of the US Naval Academy, but it has lots of other things to recommend it, and since I’m new here, I’ll be exploring the town and I’ll share a few things with you.

First, food! I found a large selection of restaurants in town, and I’ve eaten at several, but I really have to tell you first about the diner where I ate my first meal in town (and I’ve been there several times since).

Diners are about as American as you can get, if you exclude those beastly fast food places. After all, this blog is about real places—and real food.

So anyway, I’m cruising along down the main drag, West Street, and I’m nearly blinded by the reflection off the stainless steel exterior of the Double-T Diner.  It was surrounded by a parking lot full of cars. I had to try the place.

Here's the front, so you'll know what it looks like when you drive by

You can always expect a decent meal, plastic decor, and sassy waitresses at a diner, and the Double-T is all that, in spades. The dessert display, a big case at the front, is to die for—or of. The pastries, cakes, and pies looked pretty good, and the boss said they make them all right there. That must be some busy pastry chef.

This photo doesn't do it justice

One of the items was called baklavah cheesecake. Baklavah, if you don’t know, is a honey-dripping, walnut-laden, flaky, rich Greek pastry. You know what cheesecake is. I can’t tell you what baklavah cheesecake is like because I didn’t try it. I didn’t dare.

My waitress was properly sassy, the coffee wasn’t bad (and it was constantly refilled, just like in Minnesota), and my hamburger was done the way I asked: so with a good vet it would recover, and it was big.

I waddled out a happy newcomer to Annapolis.