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Archive for May, 2011

Serenity news May 27

They’re gone. Skipped town, maybe even. The place never wronged me (except they didn’t pay my last bill), but I did a little research and found a lot of complaints—more than I would expect from a place that did its job. I suspect they overwhelmed their travel agents making promises they couldn’t keep. Dunno.

As it happens, I own this blog and the url; I never transferred it to them so I could keep control, partly in case something like this would happen. So it happened, and now I have a nice travel blog. Which, I admit, has been rather fun to write, and maybe I’ll keep posting for the fun of it. Apparently a lot of folks find this site because they’re doing travel-related research. I doubt too many are coming here (any more) to check out Serenity Travel.

The system is set to notify me when someone comments, so drop me a note if you’d like to see something on a particular place.

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