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I’m a technical writer by trade and I make a hobby of dabbling in the internet. One night my dear sweet wife and I visited a sales presentation given by a full-service travel agency that offers membership. We bought, and they showed us enough of a discount to pay for the membership on the first trip.

They found out that I’m a web geek, and asked me to create this blog. I was impressed with their attitude (professional and seemed genuinely interested in good service and happy travelers). My wife and I talked it over, and I set it up for them.

Full disclosure: They paid me to set up the back end, and I have agreed to post regularly, but the content is mine. It just has to be about travel, and not necessarily about them.

Really full disclosure: Late this spring 2011 Serenity closed. Maybe I should say skipped town. They never did me any harm except for not paying my last bill, but I have seen some complaints from people. My opinion: They tried to make a go of it but overwhelmed their travel agents and couldn’t keep their promises.

Live and learn. I happen to enjoy writing this blog, so I’m likely to post now and then just for the fun of it. But Serenity seems to be gone, and I don’t have any connection with them except that they owe me some money.

Ahem. I can set you up with a blog, too, if you like (as I did for them, not for free), and I’ll teach you how to use it, so you can write your own posts.

Back to travel: I hope you read, comment, and share your adventures.

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