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Comment from a member Oct 27

Sort of. This isn’t a quote.

The gentleman stopped in the office where I slave away work when I’m here and the official occupant is out, and had a few things to share with me. He said specifically that I had permission to share what he said on this blog. (ahem. He also said he had a few comments about the blog itself, but didn’t have time. He’d be back. I think I’m eager to hear what he has to say.)

Here’s the quick summary:

  • Customer service here has been particularly helpful.
  • Serenity (through DVI) soundly beat the price from a major exchange program for a cruise he is planning.
  • He did some research about the company, and found that all complaints were adequately resolved.

He seems to be a pretty satisfied member. Now to find out what he thinks about the blog.

What do you have to say? Add a comment below.

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