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A new series Oct 07

A while back I wrote about the cities that hosted the Winter Olympics. More recently I wrote a preponderance of posts about either unconventional places or about places that you might have reason to avoid. Now I feel like posting about places that are cheap.

I’ll still throw in the occasional out-of-series post, and you should remember that (ahem) you can always get a really good deal from your Serenity agent. But these posts will mostly be about places that are cheap all by themselves, at least for someone from the US.

Now, I’m not really giving you advice about how or where to travel. I’ll merely tell you about places where you are likely to be able to really stretch your travel dollar if you go there.

Another caveat: The values of currencies and stability of governments change constantly, sometimes dramatically in a short time. Rule of thumb: places that are good bargains generally stay that way, even though the details might change. New York city will pretty much always be more expensive than Upper coffepot, Montana. (Yes, there is such a place.) You won’t see a Broadway play in Upper Coffeepot, but you won’t be able to go camping or see much wildlife (or peace and quiet) in NYC, either. Don’t expect my info to be as accurate as a surgeon’s scalpel. It should be good enough to chop wood with, though.

So hold onto your seat, and get ready for some adventures!

A really short vacation, but it set a world record! May 10

We’ll get back and finish up the Olympics vacation spots later.  But a world record was broken in Hatfield, PA last Sunday, and you might like to know about it, what with it being only an hour or so from Serenity’s headquarters and all.

BMW has made motorcycles since 1923, and their factory has produced the finest-crafted, most dependable, comfortable, and durable motorcycles in the world. But they attract a rider who prefers to ride alone, and often for long distances (you need a pretty comfortable and dependable motorcycle for long distance riding). So it’s pretty hard to get many of them together in one place at the same time, unlike the more conformist brands, which I won’t mention, but one of whose initials are H and D. A couple years back a motorcycle club in Switzerland managed to get a hundred fifty or so together, and they put it in the Guinness Book of World Records. Well, last year (or was it this spring?) a club in Missouri said, “Hey, we can break that!” and they pulled 241 BMW riders together. Well. Then some guys in PA heard about that southern get-together and decided they could break that record. They filled out the 17-page record application, made arrangements with the local constabulary, who agreed to close the highway for the event, sent word out to everyone they knew, and on Sunday, May 2,  246 BMW riders got into  parade formation and rode together for two miles. (Guinness requires a ride at least that long to qualify as a “parade.”) The line of bikes had to be at least a half mile long. It’s not official yet—the Guinness people have to verify everything, look at the sign-in cards, watch the video, look at the pictures, and read the signed affidavits, so we can’t officially say we broke the world record yet, but I counted them myself, and there were 246. Here’s a picture of the parking lot where they all lined up.

246 BMW's in one place at the same time! Too many to fit in the picture.

Yes, a two-mile bike ride is a short vacation, but wouldn’t it be fun to set a record?