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Goofiness Oct 06

Thirty years ago—oof! Maybe 40—St. Paul and Minneapolis sported a local ice cream store chain named Farrell’s. It was a lively, upbeat, whacky place with bling all over the walls and bright uniforms on the waitstaff. I still have a Big Swig glass from there; it must hold more than a quart of ice cream and soda (called “pop” in the Midwest). I remember a post at one of their locations sported a small ship’s bell with a bell rope. Once, one of the waiters called out loudly to the whole room: “May I have your attention please for an important announcement! Our boss—(he pulled the bell rope twice, ding ding)—is a ding-a-ling!” Then he resumed his business of waiting on people.

I don’t have a ship’s bell here, and the boss is not a ding-a-ling, but the folks at Serenity do have fun, so here goes:

May I have your attention please:  The boss wears unmatched socks!

Obligatory travel comment: The St. Paul Winter Carnival is a wonderful way to spend ten days of winter in Minnesota.